# Down to Earth

Does suede fringe jacket still reminds you of “Waylon Jennings”? where we would be riding on horses,though I wont mind trying out those boots(but not obviously).

or,high waisted basic pants still relates to the grandpa’s trunk? Not Anymore…..

But How???

Talking about Gucci men’s spring/summer 2016 or Valentino men’s spring ready-to-wear 2016 collection all served dissemble and truth for spring/summer 2016 in their best resources .”Cultures become one culture—that’s what we find exciting,” said Chiuri.

Story is sliding away from accuracy of mens wear typically we have in Indian mens fashion,giving us the real meaning of “détournement”.

Real tan suede fringe jacket(Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren) with antique embossed buttons,true ,but not too ornate to imagine flashing for yourself or talking about the most iconic pattern of the season “the patch print”scarf,echoes the best vibes for the fluctuations.Teaming up the (Ralph Lauren Polo) basic flared denims with minimal pashmina coat shoes the versatility of men’s wear ,which is no more fixed in boundaries.


creative direction & styling – glittery himi

photography- avijit baharani



Why off notes? Because in this collection they seemed rare examples of stylized rather than real fashion—not a concentrated reflection of what man on the street might unselfconsciously wear and relish(http://www.vogue.com)3457“We believe that it is important that we translate couture culture into something that people can wear every day,” said Chiuri, “(http://www.vogue.com)9hb





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