Chaos…“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”



Photography by Shailender Singh

Modeling by Anurag gupta

Creative direction & Styling – in between 9 by Glittery Himi

While others were busy doing their pamper pre-perations  for fashion week here I was thinking and continuously doing that without a plate full of nachos with cheese ,yum! i missed all of it .

Coming across with sentiment and doubt of freedom enforced me to look beyond the mirrors , chaos of being…, how the individuality is lost.Freedom doesn’t always allows us to be ourself’s it  gives the courage to take a step further what inspires us- is the society .The reason I wanted to capture the photo series of this story is to express the on-going flavour  to showcase the surreal mix  of fact and fantasy .The photo series has really triggered on my bones ………the approach is not always to talk factual meaning of an issue but to take a mind-expanding journey of it through the filter of urban eyes.

A condition of abnormal tension or excitement . Oh Yes! that sums up all the question of Being what? The chaos is alarmed where we are facing the dramatic version of birth, growth ,pleasure & survival within the series of white domes.
That crisp white poplin shilloutte making a mess of gritty cord adorned with “Taqiyah” drops the ball of symbolism and the combination evokes one’s inner thoughts on Motion which signifies freedom,peace and individuality and cementing garments points to life’s end.

X  feat.Anurag gupta

Anurag as an individual is so vigorous ,now the plate to see versatility was still left empty .From dazed glitter jumpsuits to real rabbit fur he owe’s all of it in his wardrobe ,you can spot him in few of the  UNDERGROUND PARTIES wearing his Vintage Versace and a monster bag pack(last I spotted him) still there was something different i wanted to see ,something which is quite nave .

he showed it …………at it’s best.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

                                                                                                     -FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE



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