DISRUPTION – Our undocumented behaviour…

Magazine feature.The visual series of damaged environment


Exclusively for Beautiful savage magazine:

Photography- Balwant Mehra & Mrinal Sharma
M.U.A-Poonam Sharma
Creative direction ,Styling & Graphics -Glittery Himi
“The Dodo “was poem in my english class back in school .Extinct bird which made me feel till what extend can we harm or actually vanish someones creation with no direct intention.I wasn’t very conscious about mother earth but the deeds of human race scared me deep, deeds which were done without awareness and with no care…
Now we have come so far all hail to social media platforms that we know even itch in the world than why not the environment,stories where a women planted 500 trees because she wasn’t able to conceive a baby for the rest of her life or a man who started filling the local road water filled pits which once took his son’s life are real too…people like us, WE MAKE IT REAL.


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